Rolf Flowers (PTY) Ltd was established in the early 1950’s by members of the Jülicher family and has been a leader in the South African cut flower industry for many years.

A significant part of that history lies in pioneering the production of many of South Africa’s commercial floricultural crops and the development of the infrastructure for the distribution of fresh-cut flowers to the rest of the world.

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Today, Rolf Flowers (PTY) Ltd produces greenhouse grown, fresh-cut chrysanthemums for sale to local wholesalers and export agents. As one of a few locally-based producers that can lay claim to being a specialist producer of high quality deco and spray ‘mums, the Rolf Flowers product bouquet offers an exciting range of colours and shapes.

Situated within half an hour of Johannesburg’s O. R. Tambo International Airport, Rolf Flowers (PTY) Ltd maintains high-quality levels through good growing principles, an unbroken cold chain, prompt service and flexible delivery options, all at relatively competitive prices.

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We are a specialist producer of so called florist chrysanthemum flowers and employ over 100 full-time production staff to bring a quality product into the homes of customers all over the world!All our flowers are produced with meticulous attention to detail at our ‘Dennegeur’ Farm, in 6ha of propagation and production greenhouses, utilising many of the best established production techniques.The plants start out as un-rooted cuttings bought in from leading international Chrysanthemum breeders around the world. They are then prepared for production in our rooting facility. Once rooted, the cuttings are planted out into the greenhouses, where they are nurtured to maturity for by our dedicated teams who provide the watering, feeding, pruning and comprehensive pest and disease prevention. Approximately 11 weeks later, the flowers are ready for harvest.

Once harvested, the flowers are processed in our custom built pack house by specially trained teams. Each stem is graded and bunched with care before being pre-chilled in preparation for shipping.

By maintaining a continuous cold chain from the time of bunching until off-loading our trucks at the perishables centre at O.R Tambo International Airport, Rolf Flowers ensures our agents and their customers around the world receive every item in our range in the best possible state of freshness.

To find out more about Chrysanthemums, how to achieve the best possible vase life and where to buy our flowers, please visit our frequently asked questions page.

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Hoffman Theron Van Zijl

Hoffman is an engineer by training and holds further academic qualifications in business. He is an experienced business entrepreneur and business consultant. He farms on the neighboring property and has been a Director of Rolf Flowers since 2006. With the regress in the health of Rolf Julicher, he agreed to make himself available on a more continuous basis to take over the reins.

Hoffman will be ably supported by a team comprising of George Capazorio (second in command and facilities manager, and also a member of the Board), Stephan Meyer (Production), Marianne Julicher (Pest and Disease Control and information) , Desiree Smit (commercial & Human resources) and a team of experienced and well-settled first line supervisors.




Left to right, Morris Masoga, Benjamin Thlomatsane, Stephan Meyer, Peet Dreyer, Justinos Rametse, Marianne Julicher.


From Left to right – Desiree Smit, Benjamin Pooe, Jonah Chakane, Lindiwe Skosana, Jackson Hlongwane.


Left to right – Koos Putter, James Maswanganye, George Capazorio, Jaco Smit